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Best Natural gourmet bacon.

So how do you make the best BLT?
Or you wonder how do you just cook bacon so it is just right?

Find out by using -

Natural gourmet Bacon

You know, crumbly when you want it to be, or like velvet when it needs to be?
How to make the best bacon sandwiches? Do you use smoked bacon, salted bacon, applewood bacon, hicory, it just seems to be endless of the choices.

Or how do you just cook bacon to be it’s best but it just always ends up like a brittle or whimpy, limpy bacon at it’s best.

Well, I am here to tell you that it is not your fault.
Bacon of the Month Club

You are basically cooking with bacon that is not processed properly.

Seriously, do you think you can just run down to the local grocery store and buy great bacon?

Do even know what great bacon is?

Natural gourmet bacon.

Well, you came to the right place because I have the answer to great bacon.

I love this bacon and I want you to check it out too.

Check out this video.
Why buy our bacon?

We do it out the old fashion way, we do everything by hand and we trim out the belly fat as most producers do not. We use a special curing process, invented by the Roman’s that extracts the water so it keeps it’s natural preservative goodness.
We don’t use water to pack in extra weight. Why do most others use water, it is just a way to keep it in a package that feels like you get more, well, bacon.

However, water when it meet’s itself when it cooks in it’s own bacon fat, is: oil and water in a hot pan, it will splatter. Our great bacon does not have water so it will not splatter in your pan,

Also you will get it delivered to your door in a fresh packing food design.
Each month you will not only get a Blue Ribbon bacon that you cannot buy anywhere, you will also get free bonuses delivered to your door.

So, why not enjoy the best bacon in the world deliverd to your doorstep. No need to buy lousy bacon or good bacon at high prices and take your time to do it, just sign up for our wonderful bacon program that will make every bacon sandwich, breakfast and soup base the best that it can be.

Oh my, do I love good bacon!!

How about you?
Bacon is Meat Candy Bacon

Here is where you find the best bacon!

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